• Amazing video that traces the history of female portraits. Will be blocked at school, but at home you could pull the video off of YouTube by just going to and pasting the URL of the YouTube page. Have it convert it to a .mov file.(They will email it to you.) Also, look at other videos posted by this same person.
  • The Last Supper - In Depth This 16 million pixel image is zoomable to show the finest details. There are three ‘tabs’ above the image. “The Subject”, “Look”, and “Understand.” Make sure that after you “Look” around and zoom in that you view the “Understand” area. It offers some excellent tips for viewing and ‘discovering’ the photo. There are 3 other works photographed on this site - click on the Other Works link.
  • Google SketchUp A free application (by download) that allows you to build 3D models. There is also a pro version that is free for educators.


Read this blog that is written specifically for ESL teachers:

Foreign Language

  • Conversations is a program that allows teachers to record prompts or questions for their students to answer. The program can be used to simulate conversations, role plays, or for "virtual interviews".
  • MIMEA is a series of free interactive multimedia modules for language learning, practice, and assessment. The modules are based on video clips that show native speakers and nonnative speakers interacting in natural, unscripted situations.
  • Audio Dropbox ia free virtual dropbox for audio recordings. Using this new tool, you can put a dropbox for speaking assignments on any web page(wiki). From within that web page, students record themselves, and their audio files are automatically put into your dropbox. To access your dropbox you log into the Audio Dropbox site. You will see how many submissions have been made to that dropbox and can easily play them. Really easy! Below is an example of what the students would see.
  • Viewpoint is a video repository that allows you to record your videos online using your webcam, or upload existing videos. These videos can then be linked from other sites or embedded inside your own web pages.


Mutopia Sheet music
Musopen Sheet music
Musicians & Composers on Google Earth - Someone at the Google Earth Community called 'Biggles99' has begun an ambitious project to collect placemarks showing the birthplaces of the world's musicians and composers, with details describing briefly their bios, pictures, and possibly even videos showing more information and the sounds of their music (Note: only the Windows version of GE will show embedded videos). Links are provided to more biographical information.


A world population clock that has much more: diseases, # of cars/computers made, deaths, etc. Could be used to help start a discussion, as a writing prompt, etc.