• Remember that the best way to add web images to Keynote is:
    • use Safari and CTL-click on the photo from the website - select Add Image to IPhoto Library
    • The photo will automatically be imported into the iPhoto library where students can name it and put the URL for citation purposes into the description box. Yes, images should be cited just like info.
    • To get the photo onto a Keynote slide, student just open the Media panel and look for the photos which can be drag/dropped onto the slides
  • Good Keynote (and Pages) tutorials from Apple
  • More Apple help
    • For how to add photos, media, record narration, click on
  • Creating Presentations with Keynote - from Apple
  • Keynote User Group Tips/Tricks
  • There are a series of screencasts on how to do things in Keynote on Teacher Tube. Just search for Keynote and scroll down. The author of them is gtoews.
  • To add narration, go to Inspector to the Document (1st icon on left) to audio. You will see the recording feature at the bottom of that window.


iMovie 08

iMovie HD

  • iMovieHD video tutorial


Google Earth

Comic Life

Polyvision Interactive Board

  • Polyvision Walk & Talk User Guide [[file:Polyvision W:T Guide.pdf]]