Book Trailers - Short videos/slideshows/audiocasts that set the mood/tone and attracts readers

  • First, analyze what makes a good trailer. View some examples of movie trailers or book trailers.
  • Should be short and to the point: 1 - 2 minutes.
  • Be sure to provide a structured lesson:
    • creating narration/scripting first is best
    • storyboarding is next to plan what images/video is needed for each section of trailer- done on old fashioned paper - before technology is involved.
  • These can be done with Keynote with still images and in iMovie using either stills or video or both.
  • Look at some movie trailers -
  • Trailers done by adults to promote books
    • The Liars Diary

Classroom movie trailer projects

Digital Booktalksite

persuasive trailer/commercial

photos - keynote with narration

Groups - use stills/video to make a book trailer, persuasive ad, infomercial, using either iMovie, Keynote, PPT