CFF Archived Webinars

2007-2008 School Year:

Mar. 13, 2008: CFF: Fair Use in Educational Technology
Feb. 25, 2008 CFF Open Space What does 21st Century Learning Look Like?
Feb. 19, 2008 CFF Essential Questions
Jan. 24, 2008 NetTrekker
Dec. 4, 2007 Working with Wikispaces
Dec. 12, 2007 (Social bookmarking)

Last School Year:
March 15, 2007 Classrooms for the Future Google Academy (Includes Google Earth)
April 10, 2007 CFF Some Very Cool Web 2 Sites
May 14, 2007 CFF – Gathering the Stuff – RSS for Educators
May 16, 2007 CFF – Technology and Differentiated Instruction
June 7, 2007 Collaborative Editing Tools: eg. GoogleDocs

To view archived webinars:

  • Go to
  • At the top left – click on Recordings
    • PC users – You will see a note at the top of the window saying that you need to allow a Java Script to run. Click to allow it, etc.
    • Mac users – It will tell you that you need to download software, but you really don’t need to unless you are not running OS Tiger. Just close out the window that opens and start the recording.
  • Use the calendar on the right side to find the date of the archived webinar that you are interested in watching and enjoy! Note that there are multiple pages to select - look at the bottom right corner...

(The focus for some of these webinars was for CFF Coach use, so you will notice many references to that.)

Some of these can be a bit annoying at first since they are recorded webinars. In some of them, there is much discussion in the beginning of how people were to get connected properly when they were joining it live. You can fast forward through anything at any time.