1. Look at zoho.com - online office suite - just added some database functions.
  2. *NEW* NECC is being held next week in Atlanta. Webcasts will be posted at http://center.uoregon.edu/ISTE/NECC2007/program/video_on_demand.php
  3. There are also many audio and video postings from other educ. tech. conferences at Conference Connections: http://edcommunity.apple.com/ali/collection.php?collection=373>
  4. *NEW* - Interesting Visual Ranking Tool http://educate.intel.com/en/ThinkingTools/VisualRanking/ This one could spur good debate and persuasive arguments that could lead to bigger writing assignments. You can set up an online activity where you input a list of words (authors, inventions, events, etc.) You decide how many groups you will break the class into and input that info. The tool assigns each group a name and password which are really simple. Each group signs in and moves the list of items in order to rank them. They click on them to enter their reasoning. Then, they can compare their list with the other groups online and can see what their reasons were. Yes, this can be done without technology, but this way their group reasoning feels published and is instantly used by the other teams.
  5. *NEW* Jim Gates' Tips http://elgg.net/jamesg/weblog/ I read this blog daily. It is a fellow CFF Coach who has been a technology coach for years with the Carbon County IU. He reads extensively, attends conferences, and posts great tips almost daily for education as well as for personal use. (He was also in a few of the photos in the online course.)
  6. *NEW* Will mice become endangered? This is a video of a presentation by Jeff Han about his new multi-touch technology. It will be interesting to see how long it takes to see this technology develop. http://www.ted.com/index.php/talks/view/id/65