Adding files to a Wiki:

  • To add a file to a page, click Edit this page on the page that you wish to add your document to.
  • Insert your cursor where you want it to go.
  • Then, choose the icon that looks like a little tree (5th from right side.)
  • A window entitled Images & Files, opens. Under Upload New File, click Browse... Navigate to the file that you want to upload and hit the Upload File button. You will see your file in the list above the Upload New file box. Double -click on the file. You will see a tag added to the page where your cursor was inserted.
  • Click Save.
  • Test to see if the file opens correctly on your laptop.

Since pdf files can be read by anyone regardless of software versions, platforms, etc, it is a good idea to save your file as a pdf file before uploading. To do this on a Mac, open the file, go to File > Print, at the bottom, click on pdf and choose Save as pdf.
Navigate to the folder you would like to place it in.